The Fabulous Heftones

The Fabulous Heftones are husband and wife duo that bring the music of the 1920’s back to life. Brian Hefferan is one of Lansing, Michigan’s finest instrumentalists, while Lynn Hershberger Hefferan is a classical trained vocalist. Together, their musical and personal chemistry revives the sweet, oove-0infursed songs that were so common to generations past.

The Fabulous Heftones sing finely-crafted timeless standards from the 1920s and earlier.
Their romantic themes, sweet harmonies and ace ukulele playing delight audiences far
and wide.

This married duo is captivating and delightful in concert. Brian’s brilliant ukulele playing
delights audiences far and wide. Lynn’s vocals are sweet and pure, a perfect match for
the lyrical love songs of the 1920’s and before. This is truly a case where one plus one is
more than merely two.

Tin Pan Alley, the popular music of the 1920’s, includes their favorite “Moon, June,
Spoon” love songs. They are undisputedly the most romantic act at any event. However,
this is an energetic and funny kind of romance which engages every audience.
Lynn plays a Heftone bass, a five-stringed instrument which looks like a giant banjo. It’s
played just as one might play any other upright bass. The instrument was invented and
built by Brian’s late father, Larry Hefferan.

Brian also vocalizes in a style sometimes called eefin’, which sounds something like
adding a trumpet to the mix. Eefin’ was common in the 1920’s when Tin Pan Alley was
the popular music of the day.

Brian has also written many instrumentals, and these often pepper their shows with
instrumental electricity.

The 7th Annual
Aurora Ukulele Festival
Sunday, May 5, 2024
2023 City of Lights Ukulele Festival