Olivia Ports

Olivia Ports is an indie/alternative/folk singer-songwriter based in the Midwest – from the suburbs of Chicago. She loves songwriting and creating music – “it is my soul’s purpose on earth,” and has a particular passion for performing. She has been described as having a “dynamic stylistic range and emotional depth” as well as “country music influences” and “well-crafted story-line songs with harmony accents and great instrumentation.”

Her passion lies in writing, differentiating herself with a combination of dark lyrics and indie/pop melodies. Olivia specializes in live performance and creating a unique environment at every show. “Realistically, I write songs in my room, and through an incredible amount of technology, they might reach you”. Olivia performs solo, as an acoustic duo, or with her full band.

The 7th Annual
Aurora Ukulele Festival
Sunday, May 5, 2024
2023 City of Lights Ukulele Festival